Friday, November 19

Casual Friday Chic: Lauren Conrad

Casual Friday usually means throwing on a pair of jeans and a cute top, but sometimes you just want to look a bit more done up.  But what options do we have that's more relaxed than business casual, more formal than jeans? Finding the proper balance is hard, but after seeing Lauren Conrad walk the streets of Los Angeles in her cute ensemble, I was inspired.

From left: Lauren Conrad; Forever 21 floral mock wrap dress, $22.90; Anlo long sleeve Kelly dress.

She looks absolutely lovely in her belted floral dress and tan accessories.  To make it office appropriate I'd wear a sweater on top, but I'd rather just get one of these other cute dresses I found. The middle dress is super affordable at only $22.90, and in blue and green it looks extremely similar to LC's but is in a larger-print floral.  Or you can splurge and get the one on the right for $271.00, which is gorgeous in shades of purple and its gathered waist makes it super flattering.  No matter your price range, there's an option for you.  Happy Friday!

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