Thursday, December 9

What to Wear: Cold Weather Dressing

Living in Florida, dressing warmly has never been too much of a concern for me; I just bring a scarf or light jacket everywhere I go and I'm always covered! But this past week it has been unseasonably (and unbearably) cold, and it really caught me off guard!  Especially since I quickly learned that office buildings in Miami do NOT have heaters, so my office is an icebox.  I had to actually go out and buy a space heater!  (Thank you, expense account!)

Unfortunately, I realized that I have no idea how to dress warmly and professionally at the same time; I'm either too bundled up and then quickly overheat, or I'm just freezing. I felt like such a mess this week - definitely not a Stylish Careerist.

So, after the jump, here are some tips I've compiled for dressing warmly and appropriately for the workplace!

1. Layer, layer, layer! You know how awful it is to go into a warm space after being in the cold, only to find yourself sweating beneath the layers you chose to wear. Avoid this by wearing classic pieces that look good separately or together.

2.  Accessories are some of the most important things about staying warm and feeling fashionable when it's cold outside. Since heat escapes through your head, hands, and feet, make sure that the pieces you buy for covering those areas are ones you love; you'll wear them more often than anything else.

3. I've started wearing tights under my pants, and I fully endorse this idea.  That way, you'll be a little warmer and no one has to know! You can also put on some hose; either will help keep in your body heat.  Also, buy lots of thick sweater-knit tights and socks, being sure to keep your eyes peeled for cashmere ones. Your shoes might be warm, but they won't be as toasty as possible without great socks.

4. Just because it's winter doesn't mean that you can't wear dresses anymore! To avoid freezing, though, I've learned that you can layer multiple pairs of tights and leggings for extra warmth: you can wear a pair of tights with a pair of leggings, or even two pairs of leggings, tucked into a pair of boots. And be sure to wear a base layer, especially if the dress is thin.

5. A bare neck is the quickest way to get cold all over. Find a fun scarf, which will keep you warm outside and inside as well. If your building isn't the warmest (like me), it can act as an in-between piece that you can throw on if you get a little chilly but not cold enough for a coat.

6. This goes without saying - invest in a great pair of boots and a jacket!  These are things you can wear everyday without looking like a homeless person for repeating them, so it's worth it to spend a few extra dollars on something you love, feel comfortable in, and will actually enjoy wearing all the time. 

Stay warm!

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  1. I really liked it but I can't believe that it's so cold in Florida that you have to wear two pairs of leggings. I do it when it's about -10 C degrees (50 degrees Fahrenheit)