Tuesday, January 18

Outfit Infatuation - Rachel McAdams

Like most ladies I know, I am inexplicably crazy about Rachel McAdams.  I blame The Notebook for my infatuation, but most of my adoration as of late is due to this dress:

 Rachel McAdams in a textured short-sleeve mini, black tights and heels.
I just think that this mini is so fun and fabulous.  The sleeves, textured material and gray-ish hue all work together to keep it more professional-looking than it would be otherwise.  Though it's on the short side (as all of my favorite dresses are, unfortunately), the black tights ensures that the hemline stays out of mind. 

Here are some similar dresses, to make this style your own:
From left: Elementz sleeveless dress with belt, originally $69.00, on sale for $28.49; Elementz sleeveless sheath with thin belt, originally $69.00, on sale for $18.74
From left:  Calvin Klein abstract printed stretch belted sheath, retail for $128.00, on sale for $80.10; Marc New York slate plaid woven ruched sleeve dress, retail for $195.00, on sale for $89.10
From left: Calvin Klein cap sleeve sheath with belt, originally $129.00, on sale for $89.99; Forever 21 two-tone tweed dress, $22.80.
I love all these options - just don't forget the black tights to keep the look appropriate!

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