Wednesday, February 9

Inspiration: Looks to Avoid

I often post about outfits I find inspiring, but I thought I should take some time to post about those I find, well, inappropriate for the workplace.

Behold, my TOP 15 sartorial mistakes:

MISTAKE #1:  Too Short and Too Tight
Lake Bell in a head-to-toe Etro look, in their short-sleeve mini, gold belt and suede snakeskin booties.
Everyone knows this is the cardinal rule of professional dressing.  Lake Bell looks hot, but if she were heading to the workplace, let's just say that she would definitely be getting the wrong kind of attention.

MISTAKE #2:  Too Shiny
Kristin Chenowth in a BCBG Max Azria dress.
At the office, you want to stand out, but not because people are blinded when they look in your direction. Keep the fabrics traditional and understated.

MISTAKE #3:  Too Revealing
Amy Adams in a plunging Andrew Gn LBD paired with Christian Louboutin peep-toes, Sutra diamond earrings and a structured Kotur clutch.
Being a successful young female professional, old-fashioned co-workers might wonder how you got to such a high-ranking position.  Don't give them any ammo to support such a ridiculous accusation and keep the tops reasonable!

Gillian Jacobs in a white peek-a-boo dress and patent leather peep-toes.
 Same goes for showing your midriff - Gillian looks great, but really, what's the point?

MISTAKE #4:  Too Shlumpy
Winona Ryder in a striped long-sleeved top, blazer and James Jeans.
Take some time in the morning to put your look together!  If you are wearing one item that's baggy, such as Winona's striped shirt, don't wear a boxy blazer on top - keep it fitted and tailored to look like you have your act together.

MISTAKE #5:  Too Casual
Rose Byrne in shorts with tights and a chunky sweater.

 No shorts for the office!  Don't fool yourself - tights don't make it better.

See numbers 6-15 after the jump!

MISTAKE #6:  Taking Menswear Too Literally
Alexa Chung in a Chanel tuxedo-inspired dress and suede heels.
Menswear is an extremely popular look right now, and it's great to have fun with your wardrobe and take risks, but for the office, a fauxedo like Alexa's is just gratuitous.

MISTAKE #7: Just Too Much
Leighton Meester in a floral Emanuel Ungaro mini and metallic-accented heels. 
I love the cut and style of this dress, but the sparkles and glitter make it just too much.  When in doubt, keep it simple. 

Ginnifer Goodwin in an oversize animal-print blouse, skinny black pants, gray suede heels and a quilted leather bag.

As I've said, I love animal print and taking risks, but there is a fine line and if Ginnifer was heading to the office, she would have crossed it .

MISTAKE #8:  Too Fancy
Amy Adams in a brocade Carolina Herrera shift accented with black peep-toes and Cartier diamonds.
I think Amy looks great, but it's just too fancy for the workplace.  Maybe for an after work event?

MISTAKE #9:  Too Trendy
Marisa Tomei in black harem pants and a camel blouse.
 I love the top and I love the look as a whole, but the black harem pants are simply too trendy for the workplace.  

MISTAKE #10:  Too Long
Claire Danes in a Roland Mouret LBD with leather sandals and diamond bangles.
Claire looks great, but had she cut a few inches off the bottom she would have been perfection.  Don't be cheap - be sure to take your attire to be tailored to get the most out of them!

MISTAKE #11:  Too Bright
Jennifer Lopez in a Haute Hippie skirt and Louboutin mary janes.
Sparkles are great for a night out, not for work.  Keep them to a minimum for the workplace!

MISTAKE #12:  Too Standard
Jennifer Garner in a hooded magenta Roland Mouret dress.
There's nothing too offensive about this outfit, except for the fact that Jennifer Garner does the same thing every time - it's almost always either a black or magenta shift - I've even written about it here and here.  Try something new!  Step out of your comfort zone and don't wear different versions of the same thing everyday.

MISTAKE #13:  Trying Too Hard
Demi Moore in an iridescent dress, black clutch, Cartier panther ring and patent leather Jimmy Choo booties.
The shiny blue chiffon, the tights, the boots, it's never ending.  The cut is flattering, but that's where it ends.  If you want to go crazy, pick one and stick with it.

MISTAKE #14:  Your Shoes are Too Crazy
Jennifer Lawrence in a graphic Prabal Gurung sheath and edgy Nicholas Kirkwood sandals.
For a crazy night out with the girls.  Yes.  For work?  Just NO.  Classic and simple is the way to go.

MISTAKE #15:  Too Ugly
Alexa Chung in a mixed-print polka dot design.
Again, JUST NO.  There is absolutely nothing flattering about this - not the colors, the cut, or the pattern.  I think this is hideous, but if you disagree please explain to me what you like about this - I am dying to know how anyone possibly could.

What rules do you have for dressing for the workplace?  Suggest any other ones in the comments!

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