Tuesday, March 22

Trendspotting: Wide-Legged Pants

Skinny pants and jeans have been popular for sooo long now, it's nice to see some new shapes.  For instance, take a gander at Kristen and Emma's looks, below:
From left: Kristen Bell wearing head-to-toe Salvatore Ferragamo in creamy wide-leg slacks and a rich orange blouse; Emma Roberts in wide leg trousers and a magnolia print chiffon blouse accessorized with a Melinda Maria python ring and a Kelly Locke clutch.
These pictures look as though they could have been taken straight out of the 70s, yet it's still so modern at the same time.  Their respective loose, neutral-colored pants set at their natural waists (each paired with bright blouses) make such a strong visual impact.  They both just look so chic and polished, I hope this pant style sticks around for a while!

Here are a few similar pants I found, to make this look your own:

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