Wednesday, April 27

The Office: Wires

I don't know about you, but no matter what I do I can't seem to keep my desk organized!  Papers pile up, coffee cups collect, wires get tangled - it just becomes one big mess.  Well, step one in getting everything sorted is to get all those wires under control. So, here are some cute desktop cable organizers that keep those cables tangle-free! 

The Classic Cordie is a desktop cable management system that organizes your various cables while also keeping them weighted down so they don’t slide off your desk when disconnected.  Made of weighted but flexible rubber, it contains three individual loop spaces enabling you to store many cables at once.   Available in white, black, purple, and pink (pictured).  $9.99 each.

2. Cordie
This is also a Cordie, but is a redesign of the classic (above) to make it more compact.  It has five rubber grips with four slots, each of which can hold the ends of several cords.   It  has a weighted base for stability and a small footprint, its tight grip keeps smaller cables, like headphone cords, in line.  $12.99 each.

CableDrop gently grasps your power and peripheral cords so they do not fall off your desk every time you unplug your laptop.  Each CableDrop has an adhesive back allowing you to stick it to many different types of surfaces ready to grab the loose cables wherever needed. $3.95 for a pack of 6, available in different color combinations.

Now that all of those cords are neatly organized on your desk, what to do with the other ends of them, still in a huge pile tangled on the floor?  This is especially important to take care of if, like me, the back of your desk ends a foot above the ground, enabling a perfect view of that mess!

Keep your cords clean and concealed with the Plug Hub, an under-desk cord management station that hides your power strip and cords in one discreet unit.  Three openings on the top of the unit direct your cords neatly to your power strip.  Three integrated cord anchors let you wrap up and hide longer cords.  Sit Plug Hub on its rubber bottom or on its back, or mount it to a wall.   Made from rigid plastic with a rubber “foot” on the bottom.  Available in charcoal, with a light blue base. $28.95 each.

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