Monday, May 2

Nail Break: Essie's Over The Top

Winter of 2009, I wore Essie's Over the Top non-stop, basically.  I loved the charcoal shimmer that seemed to stand out amongst the sea of black and navy blue polishes that everyone else was wearing.  I wore it so much that I got sick of it and haven't worn it since.  Until this week.

While in the nail salon staring at the vast selection of colors, I was torn.  For me, picking a color to wear each week is comparable to choosing a favorite child - how do you pick just one?  I was starting to get anxious; the manicurist was sitting at her table waiting for me, her bowl of warm soapy water getting colder by the minute.  Finally, I saw Over The Top hiding in the back, and so I grabbed it and ran to her table before I could change my mind.

Over the Top by Essie
Once it was on, I felt satisfied with my selection.  The love affair continues.

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