Thursday, November 22

What to Wear: Thanksgiving Dinner

At a loss for what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner?  Try one of these outfits:
Miranda Kerr in a black blouse with sheer panels, silk brocade Proenza Schouler miniskirt and studded Jimmy Choo clutch; Kate Mara in a Mulberry white jacket, pleated shirt, black skinnies and platform pumps and leather clutch completed the look. 
Depending on how formal your get together is, these are both the perfect looks. While Miranda's is a bit fancier and Kate's is better for a more casual affair, each are polished and put together without being over the top.  The shades of orange in each add a festive touch, and the simple accessories keeps it appropriate. 
Equally important, the skirt and leggings will each do a great job of hiding the food baby you're bound to grow!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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