Thursday, December 13

Inspiration: Summer Dresses in Winter

To double the number of Winter-wearable items in your closet without spending a dime, keep your summery dresses where you can see them!

That's right, if you haven't already packed them away, I've got a better idea for you: equip these lightweight numbers with the appropriate seasonal layers.  With soft, fuzzy cardigans, thick tights, booties, and slick outerwear, there's no reason to pigeonhole these warm-weather pieces to a four-month window.
Keira Knightley in a paisley-printed sheath and long black cardigan, black tights, and black ankle boots; Nicky Hilton in a sweet LWD, tough leather moto jacket, stud-embellished clutch, and ankle boots; Amanda Seyfried in a bright floral-printed dress cinched with a wide black belt, and black tights and ankle boots.

Here are four key pointers for keeping a little piece of Summer with you at all times.
  • Offset your lighter fare with your favorite cable-knit sweater or turtleneck on top. It will not only add a layer of warmth (a necessity), it also provides an instant play on textural contrasts.
  • Some Summer sheaths are a bit more billowy, so be sure to provide your shape with the definition it deserves. Two ways of cultivating a flattering silhouette are to cinch it with a darker leather belt (the wider, the better), or top off your dress with a fur vest, which actually pulls in your dress to cut closer to the body.
  • Three words: cold-weather accessories. Just like the starlets above, you can't try your hand at even the prettiest Summer dresses if your legs and arms aren't covered. I suggest wool tights (or at the very least, an opaque iteration), leather boots (rain boots for inclement scenarios), and a jacket that actually traps the heat. Whether it's a structured leather jacket or an oversize felt car coat, it's all about

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