Friday, January 4

Casual Friday Chic: Kate Bosworth

Some days, you just want to be comfortable - even at work - and in this post-holiday haze, that's exactly how I'm feeling.  Thankfully, Kate Bosworth's latest look supplied us with a worthy bit of inspiration — a way to appear as polished as we hope to be without really having to try:
Kate Bosworth in boyfriend jeans, Isabel Marant ankle boots, sleek white satchel, and classic shades.
Instead of sweats, Kate reached for an easy pair of boyfriend jeans to give her overall appearance that casual-cool factor. The trick is keeping the look from feeling overwhelmingly dressed-down — and that's all in her accessories, which each play their part in dressing up the ensemble.

All together it serves as the perfect reminder that sweatpants aren't the answer — reach for something chicer, just like Kate, and be comfortable and stylish.

Source: FabSugar

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