Thursday, November 11

Casual Friday Chic: Denim and Stripes

There's nothing better than Casual Friday - it expands your wardrobe to include items that would otherwise be forgotten, and you're immediately ready for happy hour!  However, sometimes it can be hard to balance a casual ensemble while still being office-appropriate.  Behold, inspiration!

From left: Hilary Swank; Emma Stone.  Courtesy of

Emma and Hilary both wear dark, skinny jeans with a light striped sweater.  Notice the nice heels they're both sporting: I think that if you are going to be wearing jeans to work, it's important to wear some more formal footwear, preferably with a heel, to ensure that the ensemble does not become too casual.  Imagine this outfit paired with a flat shoe - it would look like they were just running some errands!  Instead, they look stylish and pulled together, assisted by their great accessories and polished hair, finishing off a great look.  I know what I'll be wearing Friday!

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