Friday, November 12

The Office: My Office!

In regards to my earlier post about framing my degrees, I thought you would like to see how they look hung up on my office wall:

Notice how all of my frames come from the same matching set - an obsession of mine I mentioned before.  Separately, I also got a lot of questions from co-workers as to why I arranged them up as I did, rather than centering each of the smaller frames beneath the larger frames above it. Basically, my answer was because this is how I like it.  I think it adds some visual interest and breaks up the strict pattern it would have created otherwise. 

I also hung a couple of personal items on the opposite wall (not including the calendar - that was already there), still sticking to my frame of choice:

See more after the jump!

Anyways, I'm slowly trying to add my personal touch to my office.  I think it's crucial to personalize it to make it feel comfortable and welcoming, since you are likely going to be spending a significant portion of your time there.  Even if your office is small or uninspiring, displaying just a few personal items can make it feel more like home.  I've been doing my best to personalize mine, but it's been a slow and challenging process since it's made of glass and metal, giving off a cold and sterile vibe - especially when there's nothing in it!

Just so you have a frame of reference, this is what I first saw when I was shown my office:

(They are terrible pictures because I didn't want to seem too excited by taking pics of my office on my first day! So cheesy)
And here's a peek at how it looks thus far:
It's going to take a while, but I LOVE my office.  The window shelves are pretty deep, approximately eight inches or so, providing plenty of space to show off personal items.  Any decorating suggestions?

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  1. Wendi - LOVE your office. Sooo jealous...I still work out of a conference room. And of course, your blog is adorable! I babble on mine all of the time. The toughest part is getting active readers. Love you! Miss you!