Monday, November 15

Fashion Face-Off

I love seeing the "Fashion Faceoff" columns in gossip magazines, especially when the celebrities manage to wearing something seemingly office-appropriate.  This way, we get a chance to see how a certain style looks on different body types, and how best to accessorize the outfit .

Here, a few of my favorite selections recently:

From left: Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman; in Halston

From left: Cameron Diaz, Rosario Dawson; in Victoria Beckham Collection
From left: Jennifer Lopez, Alexis Bledel; in Halston
From left: Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff; in Roland Mouret
With a few minor alterations, such as throwing on a jacket or not hemming it up to there (hello J.Lo), each dress would look beautiful and appropriate for the workplace.

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