Monday, November 8

Outfit Infatuation - Kate Bosworth

Perusing my favorite gossip blogs, I came across this picture of Kate Bosworth:

... and immediately thought, THIS is what I'm wearing to work tomorrow!  So simple and comfortable, yet stylish and professional.  The tan boyfriend blazer really updates a casual, modest black dress, and makes it an ideal outfit for the workplace.  I particularly love the black leather bag with gold detailing, which adds some luxury to the ensemble, and both the oversize sunnies and dangling earrings, which add a subdued dose of glamor. 

However, I would recommend wearing different shoes with this outfit:
I just don't that think those cute booties look as professional as I would like.  Instead, I'd go for some hot slingbacks or pumps to complete this look.

Voila!  Stylish Careerist, ready to do some work in the office and for drinks after!  Perfection.

Photos from: X17 Online

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