Sunday, November 7

The Office: Diplomas

Over the years, like many of my fellow Stylish Careerists, I've amassed a few degrees, diplomas and the like.  I've hesitated framing them until I received my final one, as I wanted them all to be matching and consistent.  It's a pet peeve of mine when I go into someone's office and I see assorted different degrees hanging on the wall that not only don't match, but clash! Tacky.

So, now that I've received all of my degrees and diplomas, I decided now was the time to frame them, so I headed over to the nearest framing store. However, I realized it would be almost $1,000 to frame all my diplomas! Ridiculous.

I then decided to head to the nearest art supply store.  They usually have a great selection of frames ready to go - just insert artwork (or in this case - diploma) and done!  There's no need to use frames specifically for diplomas, or to have them professionally framed.  Just find your favorite set that fits your diploma's measurements and that is all you need!

And, I must say, I think that they look great!  

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