Sunday, November 7


Hello all,

Thanks for visiting my blog!  This is my first foray into blogging, and I could not be more excited.

The basic story is this:  I have just graduated law school (and business school!) and my first real grown-up job starts TOMORROW!  I'm a very lucky girl, I managed to score my dream position: I am working as in-house counsel at a hugeeeee corporation in Miami!  My official title is Associate Counsel - how amazing!

Regardless, I've been freaking out on what I am supposed to wear (and do, and say... but that's for another post). Yes, I've had other office jobs, but none where I am an 'authority figure' and had to set a good example for everyone else in the office... I was always the young girl who could get away with wearing skirts that are just a littleee too short and tops that are just a littleee too low.  Unfortunately, these borderline inappropriate outfits just won't cut it any longer.

That being said, I turned to the Internet for help.   I've searched it high and low for advice on how to be stylish while still appropriate, but have found ZERO help.  That's why I've created this blog, to collect examples of everything from stylish clothes to appropriate (but fun) nail polish colors to inspiring office decor, anything that inspires me to be a creative, fashionable attorney.

Of particular interest to me are things that are AFFORDABLE - after all, this is my first job, so I don't have tons of money socked away to create an amazing new wardrobe!

So, please join me as I embark on the beginning of my career, and explore the highs and lows of being a budget-conscious STYLISH CAREERIST!

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  1. OMG I am in LOVEEE with your blog! I have a 9-5 job in an office and I'm always obsessed with looking professional, stylish and very put together! I love your opinions and input! You are sooo FAB! Keep up the great work! :-D