Sunday, November 7

Nail Break: Essie's Hot Coco

Ok, let's be honest.  When I found out my job's start date was a mere 5 days away, my first thought immediately went to choosing which nail polish color to wear.  I asked all my friends for their opinions, and they thought I was crazy to worry about such a thing, but I know I can't be the only girl out there who's mind jumps to nail lacquer at the thought of an event coming up! And new job = HUGE event!

Everyone suggested something neutral or pink (Essie's Mademoiselle was a top recommendation), but I wanted something more bold.  Not too bold, obviously!  I didn't want to scare off my new (mainly male) co-workers with one of the fun neon polishes that I had been wearing all summer!

So, after some (too much) time in the salon picking one out, I finally settled upon:

Hot Coco by Essie

It's a beautiful taupe from Essie's new Winter 2010 Collection.  I found it to be neutral and unoffensive enough for the office, but more bold, fun, and indicative of my true stylish careerist self!  Hopefully it will set the tone (pun intended) for things to come!

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