Thursday, December 16

The Office: Holiday Gift Ideas for Co-Workers 2010

Christmas is just around the corner... the question is, to get or not get presents for your boss or co-workers?
My advice: if you aren't sure whether your office exchanges gifts, then it's better to be safe than sorry.  It would be quite unfortunate if they got you gifts and you had nothing to give in return! At the very least, buy your immediate supervisor and closest co-workers inexpensive items to wish them a happy holiday, just to be safe.

If you are getting your boss and/or co-workers presents, don't be boring! You don't need to spend a lot of money to make an impact.  Here are my recommendations for some creative, fun, and (somewhat) appropriate gifts.  Be careful if you don't know the person too well!

Typical gifts (like gift cards) are always expected, so 
why not upgrade the standard?

1. Although business card holders are pretty
standard, this $15.00 one is so cute I couldn't resist.

2. The co-worker who just had a baby and sends out
daily photos of their children would surely enjoy a
note pad photo compilation of all their (um, wonderfully
appreciated) photos that they never cease to send.  $19.95.

 3. Give your sci-fi geek co-worker this  

4. This $30.00 desk organizer (yes, that's really
what it is!) is so amazing, I think I'm in love.

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5.  Instead of giving a bottle of whiskey to your favorite
alcoholic, how about  a tabletop bar? I'm sure
they'll quickly wonder how they ever lived without 
this $69.95 item. 

6.  Give your favorite depressed co-worker this
$14.95  pen holder, sure to cheer them right up.

7. Venus Fly Trap  - it's not too personal,
but so. much. cooler. than the typical orchid.
Available at most local garden stores, even Walmart.


If you want to give a techno gift, skip the digital picture 
frame and pick out one of these awesome items:

1. For $18.95, you can get this amazing 
USB drink warmer/cooler, which works 
by plugging into your USB drive.  Ensure that 
caffeine-addicted co-worker will never
have to suffer through a cold cup of coffee again!

2. I can picture a female co-worker 
really loving this $17.95 Tulip 4-port USB hub.

3. Likewise, someone into music would really 
get a kick out of this $17.95 Cassette Tape 4-port USB hub.

4. iPod docks are nothing new, but I love how the
base is made to look like legos. It 
comes in assorted colors and is only $22.00.


 Sometimes you have to get gifts for MANY co-workers.  What do you get for everyone, without insulting anyone, while staying on budget?  How about...

1. A crocodile staple remover?  At $7.00 
each, you can buy one for everyone!

2. The Desktop Vacuum Robot sucks up dirt, 
pencil shavings and more.  Imagine this 
thing crawling around your desk 
when your working! A steal at $14.95.

3. This $12.00 do-it-yourself lego calendar looks 
like a great way to avoid being productive.

4. Although random, I think this fish bottle opener 
for $7.00 is pretty awesome.

5. Hand out these $3.50 cute key chain whistles 
to all the women in your office who work late into the night.

I love kitschy, original gifts that show I really put some thought into it.  Do you have any suggestions on cool, interesting, or original gifts to get your co-workers and/or boss for the holiday?

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