Monday, January 3

The Office: Fun Lunch Bags

A friend recently told me that she had a problem with her lunch bag being stolen from work!  While I have no recommendations on how to solve this other than to chain it to the refrigerator, she gave me the idea to make a post about great lunch bags to bring to work.  By doing so, not only do you save money, but it's also a great way to eat healthier.  However, in my experience they can feel a bit juvenile, so here are some grown-up, yet stylish, lunch bag suggestions: 

Neoprene Lunch Bags
Go Green Bento Lunch Box System - $29.95
The biggest trend in lunch bags right now (if lunch bags could be trendy) are ones made of neoprene.  Otherwise known as the wetsuit material, it keeps your food cool (or warm), and is super lightweight to carry around.  It's stain resistant, durable, and machine washable.  It also lies flat when you are done using it, great for when you need to put it away, so as not to take up too much space.

Even celebrity babies are getting in on the neoprene action:
Jennifer Garner taking daughter Violet to school, carrying her Multi Dot neoprene lunch bag.

Bento Boxes
Another recent popular lunch bag option are Bento Boxes.  Inspired by Japanese culture, these boxes are great for those who have issues with their food touching (I know you're out there!), or if you just want a way to keep your food organized before you eat it.
Go Green Bento Lunch Box System - $29.95
As you can see, there is space for all kinds of food, and even a designated drink bottle that comes with your purchase.  Made of durable plastic, the Bento Box is easy to clean with soap and water.  It has a leak-proof seal and a secure lock to keep everything safe and separated on the inside, easing your concerns about spills. 

It also comes with an insulated carrying case in a variety of patterns:

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Construction Worker Boxes

If you want to go more old school, I love the traditional, masculine construction worker boxes: 
Classic Construction Worker Lunch Box and Thermos Set - $29.95
How cool would it be to pop this open on your desk?  Made of heavy-gauge steel it's not very practical, though sure to be noticed and make a statement. It does have a collapsible handle and detachable shoulder strap, making it easier to carry.

Lunch Tote Bags

Another convenient way to carry your lunch is just a large, insulated tote bag:
Uptown Tote Lunch Bag - $29.95
This leak-proof bag is ideal to just through some food in, carry over your shoulder and go. It has a front pocket, great to keep your napkin and utensils safe from possible spills.  It's also a bit more discrete, if you don't want to be as obvious with one of the above choices, and the cheapest, something I always take into consideration.

If you like to just put your food into a plastic container and throw into it into your purse, here are a few accessories I definitely recommend:

Salad Pod
Salad Pod - $7.95
 This great Salad Pod holds 2.5 ounces of salad and has a dressing dispenser in the lid, great to mix in the dressing when you are ready to eat - ideal to prevent soggy salad messes! 

Salad Shaker

If you are concerned about keeping your food fresh and chilled until mealtime, 
a great option is the Salad Shaker:
Salad Shaker - $11.95
It has a removable ice pack, which you can either clip into the top lid or onto the underside of the inner tray.  Portion markings on the side of the container help you determine exactly how much to take. The main container holds up to 4 cups of your food, while the dressing dispenser holds 4 tbs. - plenty for mealtime. 

Lunch on the Go Kit

Also containing an ice pack, this one keeps all your food separated, too:
Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Box - $9.95
This kit has one main container and two interior containers with a fitted removable ice pack that fits perfectly inside. Remove it, freeze it, and put it back inside to keep your lunch chilled for approximately 6 hours.

Although I've yet to bring my own lunch to work, I might just have to start with so many options!

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