Wednesday, February 23

Fashion Face-Off

Here are more "Fashion Faceoffs" taken from gossip magazines.  I love these features - it gives you the opportunity to see how a certain dress or style looks on different people, and how different accessories can change the outfit!

Here, a few of my favorite match-ups recently:

From left: Liv Tyler, Chloe Sevigny; in a Chanel jumpsuit
Liv and Chloe are rocking the menswear trend to different levels of success.  An interesting look, but Liv wins in my book - I like the black version more, and I think her flat shoes work better with the outfit than Chloe's boots.

From left: Michelle Trachtenberg, Maria Menounos; in Alice + Olivia
I think Michelle wins this one - though I like Maria's headband, I think the dark shoes work better with this look than nude ones.

From left: Anna Wintour, Carey Mulligan; in Lanvin
Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go with Anna on this one; though I think both of their necklaces are too large on such a bold print, I think Anna's slightly longer length works better.  Shows you what a little tailoring can do!

From left: Alexa Chung, Holly Madison; in Louis Vuitton
Alexa wins here!  She reminds me that we can take a seemingly inappropriate dress, throw a sweater on top so that the dress looks like a skirt, and make it work wonderfully for the office! I love mixing things up to expand my wardrobe.

From left: Kerry Washington, Kate Middleton; in Temperley London.
They both win - I think this dress looks great either way! You can wear it with a jacket and tights when it's cold, or without - it almost looks like two different dresses!  Take note: remember to mix up your styling to make a look more versatile.

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