Monday, February 21

Nail Break: Love & Beauty's Bronze

So, I've been looking for that perfect shade of either a bronze or gold nail polish, but I've had the hardest time finding one.  I don't want anything too blinding or glittery, because I still want to keep it professional-ish for the workplace, but I also don't want it to be invisible, like most I've tried on! They all seem to be boring and blend in with my skin tone!

'Bronze' by Love & Beauty (Forever 21's nail polish line)
Enter the creatively titled 'Bronze' by Forever 21's nail polish line, Love & Beauty.  I saw someone wearing this and I ran up to her and asked where she got it.  I was surprised and skeptical when I heard Forever 21, but for $2.50 I was willing to take a chance.  Luckily, they still had a few bottles left and I managed to score one.  

Let me just say that I love this color!  It's just unassuming enough to not offend anyone, but still a fun treat for anyone who notices.  I've gotten a ton of compliments on it, and I fully recommend this color.  

I just realizezd that my above picture doesn't really show the color to it's full effect, so here is another view:
My mani is already a few days old in this pic, so don't judge! :)

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