Wednesday, February 16

Quick Tip: Avoid Getting Sick

Getting sick is such a downer!  Taking time off from work to lay in bed and get better means that you will have exponentially that much more work to do when you get better.  So, to minimize your sickness, take some zinc ASAP!
Zinc is probably the most effective cold treatment known to medicine!  That's the result of a meta-analysis of 15 different scientific studies of the mineral: zinc cut the length of coughing and sneezing days by 40 percent.  In fact, coughing could be cut as much as from five days to two, and the total duration of a cold from seven to four days.

The threshold amount to cut down colds was taking at least 13 milligrams every three to four hours during the day, for a total of 50-65 milligrams per day, so make sure you take enough for it to be effective!
Taken from: Lifehacker

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