Tuesday, December 18

13 Holiday Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Holiday season is here!  Still at a loss as to what to get your boss, co-worker or secretary?  Since it can often be tricky to find a gift that isn't too thoughtless or cheap, take a cue from this gift guide and get one of these fun, original, and gender-neutral items sure to be a hit with nearly everyone on your list:

1. Have an animal-loving cubemate? Get 'em this multifunctional desk caddy-slash-aquarium that's—get this—USB-powered. It even plays soothing nature sounds, and the tank comes with pretty gravel and a plastic fern. (The only thing missing is the fish.) 
USB Desktop Aquarium, $33, amazon.com

2. This colorblocked iPhone case is super adorable—and the cardholder makes it super functional, too.

7. This sleek beverage warmer is essentially a heated coaster, which makes it a great winter gift for your coffee—or tea—obsessed officemate.
Beverage Warmer, $25, brookestone.com

8. Your coworker will love snuggling up in this super soft blanket. (It's just one of those foolproof gifts, you know?)
Nap Luxe Blanket, $49.99, brookstone.com


9. Fancy stationery will make an important coworker feel ever more important. 
Lapis Hand Bordered Note Cards, $17, papyrusonline.com

10. For your co-worker who you want to (playfully) remind to stop messing up! Super-sized! 5.5"L x 1"W x 2"H.
Eraser - Big Mistakes, $7.00, Pylones-USA.com 

11. For your boss of international origins, or your assistant who just can't stop talking about their last vacation, Globees are exclusively designed maps of the most beloved cities from around the world artfully crafted onto globes. From London to Las Vegas, each Globee comes with a 16-page booklet with key facts about the historic and tourist sites depicted. Get your co-workers this personal gift and show them that you know them well.  Available in 3 sizes: 4", 6" and 9" as well as banks. 
Globee - 6 inch, $38.00, Pylones-USA.com

12. This sturdy wooden box comes with six seriously challenging puzzles that'll make even the biggest brain-teaser enthusiast scratch their head.
Wooden Puzzle Gift Set, $33, brookstone.com


 13. Lavender is known for its soothing power, so this relaxing, aromatic candle would be perfect to use on deadline-heavy days.
Lavender Relaxing Candle, $35, usa.loccitane.com

Be sure to also check out my gift guides from 2010 and 2011 for further inspiration - all still great suggestions!

Source: Lucky Magazine

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