Tuesday, December 4

Outfit Infatuation: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is pretty fabulous.  The end.
Miranda Kerr in true-blue Nobody denim ($291) and a black, sheer-sleeved blouse with tasseled leopard Prada loafers and her trusty leather Givenchy bag ($2,405). Her gold glitter Miu Miu shades ($390) lent a touch of sparkle, while her mixed-metal jewels, slick topknot, and punchy pink lipstick were the icing on her chic street style.
Specifically, however, I'm loving this look. Leopard loafers are one of my favorite items right now and I personally find reason to rock mine in many different situations - I've worn them to both a football game and to work, to illustrate my point.

Also, she recently wore this blouse (as seen unbuttoned here) with a printed skirt.  I love seeing celebrities  mix it up and wear the same thing twice - occasionally, they really are like us!

Here are some similar styles so that you can make this look your own:
From left: Steve Madden Croquet Leopard Loafers, was $79.95, now $55.99; Costa Blanca Trim Chiffon Blouse, $58.00.
As for the puppy, however, you're on your own.

Source: CelebStyle

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