Thursday, January 31

Quick Tip: How to Look Better When You're Sick

If you weren't a casualty of the flu this year, consider yourself lucky. Since it's almost guaranteed that we're going to get sick sometime this winter season, we might as well make ourselves look a little better than we feel.
If you do catch something, stay home!  No need to pass it on to all your co-workers.  But, when you're ready to go back to work, but still recovering, there are few quick tips you can employ to look your best when you're on the mend.

For starters, ramp up moisturizing efforts. You probably have some dry patches, so a thicker cream will help combat the loss of hydration. To avoid puffiness, try adding a few extra pillows while you're sleeping. When it comes to eye makeup, you main goal is toning down the redness -- a white eyeliner pencil will help with this. Avoid any shadows that have purple or red tones, which will only draw attention to existing redness. And make sure your mascara is waterproof. To add a little color to your face, switch your regular lip balm for a tinted version. Watch out for lipstick, however, which can be especially drying. Finally, dust a little bronzer over your T-zone to give yourself a little healthy glow. Voila! Your coworkers are none the wiser.

Source: Huff Post Style

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